The evolution of organic cut flower food

100% Natural •  Without any chemical agents
Exceptionally prolonged freshness of blossoms, decorative fruits, greenery, etc
Reduction of unpleasant odors in the vase 
Ecological and economic solution for distributors, flower farms, florists and consumers
Dynamised and produced by hand • Made in Germany 

long lasting

Made with
the natural
Power of
Tree Bark


The Effect
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biodynamic plant strengthening. 100% natural . 100% bee friendly.
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The evolution of organic cut flower food


For the first time you can care for your cut flowers with a preparation that is completely organic, natural and exceptionally efficient.

Based on a formula that has been used in biodynamic farming for almost a century THE SOLUTION CUT FLOWERS is a new development for professional and home use in the area of floristry.

The Solution Cut Flowers brings prolonged freshness and more brilliant colours to the flowers in your shop, on the farm, in the atelier or in your home.

The unique method of preparation and dynamisation creates a crystal clear product, free of acids, biocides, perfumes and preservatives.


“The solution Cutflowers“ is the worldwide first 100% organic flower freshener.
Woks for all types of flowers.
“The solution Cutflowers“ inhibits mineralization and cell division processes, so that the luminosity and freshness of cut flowers are preserved in a natural way.
It reduces the odor of vase water.
By only using 5ml per liter the solution works in the most efficient way.

How to use

Mix 5 ml of the solution Cutflowers with one liter of lukewarm water. Let it sit for 5 minutes, fill the vase with it and place the freshly cut flowers in it.


Protect from sunlight and frost in a dark and cool place

Watch in a few seconds the surprising efficiency of “THE SOLUTION Cut Flowers” over the course of 11 days in comparison with two other products on the market:

Reviews from users of the Solution

“A fantastic natural product”

We at “I do Flowers” take care of floral arrangements for private and company events. We have great fun with our gift boxes of sweets and flowers as well! Our atelier is in Via Veneto, at the Hotel Majestic in Rome, where we also are in charge of floral decorations. The conditions of light, air and heat in the hotel can greatly affect the effective duration of floral arrangements. When Vera contacted us, we had the opportunity to test The Solution Cut Flowers. A few drops added to each vase, and the water keeps clean for longer, flowers and greenery open much better and their durability is definitely improved! A fantastic natural product, so helpful both inside the Hotel and outdoors, which grants great results for every kind of set-up. We will surely continue to use The Solution in the future!


I do Flowers, Rome (Italy)

“A magical and natural solution.”

The Solution Cut Flowers is a magical and natural solution without any chemical additives. It’s a wonderful flower care product providing lymphatic nutrition and giving back energy even to flowers which have suffered during transportation. Thank you Vera for your kindness, passion and dedication to other people. Thank you for letting us discover this new and amazing product!

Barbara, Farfalle Rare (Rome, Italy)

“Prolong the freshness of my flowers without using any chemical products.”

As floral designer I always try to direct my creations to a more natural and biological conception. Thanks to The Solution Cut Flowers I can now prolong the freshness of my flowers without using any chemical products.  I am really looking forward to starting my next wedding season with the help of this new nature-based product and creating more beautiful arrangements respecting a little bit more our planet.Thank you!
Esther Lamarche Design Floral (Paris)


THE SOLUTION Cut Flowers for professional use by distributors, flower farms, flower designers, florists etc.

Canisters of 5 or 10 litres THE SOLUTION Cut Flowers.


THE SOLUTION Cut Flowers for home use by all those who wish to embellish their spaces with fresh flowers – for a longer time in an entirely natural and sustainable way.

Bottle of 250 ml THE SOLUTION Cut Flowers.