Biodynamic · Without additives
For the natural freshness of

Cut Flowers

The ecological evolution of cut flower food:

100% Natural •  Without any chemical agents
Exceptionally prolonged freshness of blossoms, decorative fruits, greenery, etc
Reduction of unpleasant odors in the vase 
Ecological and economic solution for distributors, flower farms, florists and consumers
Dynamised and produced by hand • Made in Germany 

For the first time you can care for your cut flowers with a preparation that is completely organic, natural and exceptionally efficient.

Based on a formula that has been used in biodynamic farming for almost a century THE SOLUTION CUT FLOWERS is a new development for professional and home use in the area of floristry.

The Solution Cut Flowers brings prolonged freshness and more brilliant colours to the flowers in your shop, on the farm, in the atelier or in your home.

The unique method of preparation and dynamisation creates a crystal clear product, free of acids, biocides, perfumes and preservatives.

biodynamic plant strengthening. 100% natural . 100% bee friendly.
Listed in the list of resources for organic farming in germany